Tiny Backyard

I spent most of my life in the San Diego area, where outdoor living is a way of life. I love inviting yards, peaceful patio retreats and gorgeously landscaped spaces. This picture is from my Decks, Patios, Porches, Etc board https://www.pinterest.com/lissaemmett/decks-patios-porches-etc/.

Tiny backyard

It epitomizes the wonders that can be worked with creativity (and money). This tiny, skinny strip of a backyard has been converted into an amazing oasis. It has privacy, elegance, comfort and what looks like storage under the upper level. The plantings are simple but add character and a smidge of formality to the space. I don’t like city living but a backyard escape like this could make it bearable.

The pin took me to a luxury properties site, PropGo Luxury: http://www.propgoluxury.com/EN/PropertyNews/London/127-Chester-Row-Finchatton.html. According to their About Us page, “PropGOLuxury remains the only US based online real estate company in Asia.” It features some crazy beautiful–and crazy expensive–homes and apartments. The property that features the beautiful tiny yard pictured above is in London. This is what the ad says about it: “Finchatton, London’s most prestigious developers, has fully remodelled this traditional brick and render four-storey townhouse into an exceptional four-bedroom, four-bathroom house. The outcome is a property with an understated, worldly sophisticated and timeless elegance. This typical Belgravia townhouse unites the best facets of period architecture with the highest contemporary standards.”

Of course, I had to look up Finchatton. I will never pass up the chance to look at beautifully designed homes and gardens. The first picture on their landing page is this drop dead gorgeous room with water view. I tried to copy and save the picture but couldn’t. You must check it out: http://www.finchatton.com/. It’s apparently one of their current projects, Orchid Apartments, in the Bahamas. Simply stunning.

Last but not least, I had to look up Belgravia because it sounds so Baltic and not at all London-ish to me. Turns out it’s one of the wealthiest districts in the whole world. No wonder I’ve never heard of it. Not exactly the circles I run in. I can always dream, though. After all, I just bought a lottery ticket today with a $500million jackpot. Finchatton could be designing my next home.




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