Roasted Butternut Squash

Anybody else ever read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle? I loved her when I was a kid and something that always stuck with me from the things she taught children was to make chores a game. I have rules for the order I do my dishes in, I have rules for folding laundry and I have rules for making dinner. The Making Dinner game isn’t that much different than the way lots of women ran their menus in the era I grew up in (the 60’s). Monday night is Whatever Is Easiest Night because I usually need to recover from the weekend, so it’s a very simple meal–my basic spaghetti, basic tacos, chili from a can–whatever. It has to already be in the house and it has to have minimum prep time.

Tuesday is Try a New Recipe Night, which is what this post is about. This Roasted Butternut Squash recipe is on my Rotating Meals board. When I try one of the new recipes from one of my Pinterest boards, I make a note about it’s success or failure then move it to my Rotating Meals board.

It was a while ago that I made this recipe and I have to be honest I don’t remember it specifically because I love roasted squash of just about any variety but I made the note that it was excellent and I would definitely try it again. If I make changes to a recipe, I make note of it on the pin. There are no such notes so I must have made it as written.

roasted butternut squash

It looks scrumptious, like it has a bit of a crunch on the outside. Love it that way. It’s a very simple recipe with, apparently, yummy results. If I try it again I will update you.

It came from Kalyn’s Kitchen and is Paleo, vegan and gluten free. I have to confess I don’t get the whole Paleo thing but I understand and appreciate vegan and gluten free. Her recipes focus on low carb foods and has a wide range of options for searching for what you want. I always look for that on a recipe site. What good is it if I have trouble locating what I want? Check out her offerings: Her About page has some great links on it, too.

Since I don’t know much about Paleo I thought I would do some quick research on it. Like most “diets” it’s got its pros and cons for me. I don’t eat meat (just fix it for my carnivore family members) and I am a strong believer in fruits being our primary source of nutrition. In a perfect world, I would be a raw foodist. I’ve gone raw before and have never ever felt healthier or had an easier time getting to, and maintaining, my optimum weight. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world so I found maintaining a raw lifestyle to be extremely difficult.

Here are some links to Paleo and raw “diets.” I believe everybody should make their own decisions about what works best for them. I am vegetarian with a preference to raw, but I don’t feel it’s my place to tell other people what they should be eating. There is no doubt, though, that we need to take more responsibility for our own health and the food we consume is the most important step.


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