Slow Cooker Barbecue Ribs

I do all the cooking in my family and the big dilemma for me is that I am a vegetarian and the two guys I live with are not. I can’t taste a lot of the food I make for them and some stuff just makes me gag looking at it. So I’m always looking for recipes that are easy, contain flavors I know my husband likes and don’t make me want to ralph while I’m fixing them.

This recipe is a good one because it’s a crockpot recipe (easy) and it’s barbecue (my husband loves, I like the smell and I don’t have to be a meat eater to know what makes good barbecue).

crockpot ribs

This particular recipe is on my Crockpot Recipes board ( and is not one I have tried. I have numerous recipe boards, including a couple of boards containing meals I have prepared and reviewed. This one came from a site called Family Fresh Meals. It’s an easy to search site with a wide range of recipes, including lunchbox ideas.

For anybody who really loves crockpot cooking or wants to try more slow cooker recipes, I highly suggest Mable Hoffman’s Healthy Crockery Cookery. Mable was an acquaintance of my mother’s and Mable and her daughter were very thorough in their testing of the recipes. The whole stuffed chicken was a favorite of my daughter’s (she’s a vegetarian now, too.)

crockpot cook book


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