Kraken Painting

This painting of a giant octopus or Kraken is so cool. I love the perspective of it–the underwater view showing the incredible difference in size between ship and creature. This kind of image is what keeps my daughter a little apprehensive about swimming in the sea or lake. Who knows what could be lurking just beneath you?


This painting is on my Creatures of the Sea board. Currently I only have artwork on this board but will start adding photography to it, too. It focuses mostly on animals that live in the ocean but will also include those that depend heavily on the sea, like sea lions, seals and penguins.

Clicking on the pin took me to a site that apparently has disappeared. I had to search Google images and several sites before I could discover that the painting is the work of Bob Eggleton. He is an artist who specializes in monsters and imaginary creatures. One of his own sites shows this particular work on a T shirt. I also found the painting on Monster Brains, a blog that features “monstrous imagery.” Both sites are definitely worth browsing through. I personally have loved monsters since seeing Lon Chaney, Jr as The Wolf Man. Like Creature From The Black Lagoon, I felt a sympathy for the creature while simultaneously being frightened by it. Reluctant, misunderstood killers.

Speaking of the Creature From The Black Lagoon (very sad movie), here is a beautiful painting of said creature by Bob Eggleton, that came from one of his sites, offering his work for sale.

Creature From the Black Lagoon


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