Cattery/Chicken Coop

I have a cat named Gordie. I love that cat to death. He’s always been an indoor/outdoor cat, but I don’t let him outside at night and we always live in houses that are not in a heavy traffic area. If we ever did move to someplace where I was concerned about his safety, though, I would have Matt build me an outdoor cattery play area for Gordie like this one:


It’s supposed to be a chicken coop, and it would make an amazing chicken coop, but I think it would make the perfect cat playground. Cats are meant to be outdoors as much as they are meant to have a lap to curl up in, and this kind of structure would allow them the freedom and sunshine they deserve while still keeping them safe from cars and predators. I would put potted trees inside, too, and ours would be connected to the house so that Gordie could go in and out through a window on his own. I think all cats should have their own playground if they aren’t allowed to roam free. It’s good for their mental health.

The pin, which is on my To Build With Matt–Animals board (, took me to Framebow, a company in the UK that builds “contemporary animal housing.” ( They have designs for every pet, from guinea pigs to children (kids are pets, too).

Here’s a site in Australia that covers all cat related topics, including a couple of great pages about outdoor enclosure ideas: I love this cat drinking fountain.

cat fountain

Cats are domesticated but we shouldn’t deny them the right to be who they are. Cats are independent and love to express their wild side. If we are going to accept responsibility for their care and well-being, we should do it in the best way possible. Outdoor areas like this are one way to do that.

Oh. And here’s Gordie, expressing his domestic side.




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