Minimalist Bedroom

One of my greatest loves is Homes and Interiors. It’s one of my most followed boards and has one of the largest numbers of pins. I finally split up some of the pins and started a separate Bedrooms board.

For me, my bedroom is truly my hideout. It’s where I spend most of my time when I’m at home. I tend to need a lot of alone time and that is usually spent either outdoors or in my bedroom.

This bedroom is almost minimalist but still feels inviting.

Bedroom 1

I love the wall of old brick. The bed itself is so simple yet grand, almost a Shaker feel to it. The built in shelf serves many functions–bedside table, desk, display. The whole design is so clean and beautiful; definitely a place I could escape to.

Following the pin took me to the Conde Nast Traveler website and the discovery that the bedroom is actually a hotel room in Barcelona, Spain! How cool is that? That’s definitely my kind of escape. The hotel is the Hotel Mercer and here is a lovely description of it: “Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter teems with inviting little boutiques and charming cafés, but until now it didn’t have a truly chic hotel. A medieval courtyard dotted with fragrant orange trees throws light onto a snug little bar and cozy restaurant. And come summer, look for the rooftop bar—located between two former watchtowers in the Roman walls that once encircled Barcelona—to become one of the old city’s most happening hangouts.” If I ever go to Barcelona, I will have to stay here.

Conde Nast is a beautiful resource for travel. I’ve gotten their print magazine many times but I’ve never really browsed their website. Looks like I’m going to have to now. Here’s their piece on the Hotel Mercer:–barcelona.

To be honest, Spain was never really on my radar until Pinterest. Now, because of Pinterest and House Hunters International, I really want to go. Two places that have been featured on House Hunters International that particularly appeal to me are Majorca and Oliva. They look AMAZING. If you want to start planning your trip now, here’s a link to Spain’s official tourism portal:



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