Marx Dollhouse

When I was a little girl, I had a Marx dollhouse. I hated most dolls but I loved that dollhouse. It got ruined in a flood at our home and I was very sad. Then, as an adult, I discovered ebay and I bought myself a new (vintage) Marx tin dollhouse. I loved that one, too, but financial difficulties required that I sell it. Well, earlier this year, I found another one for a very reasonable price in the window of an art supply store so I snatched it up. As soon as I figure out where to put it in our house, I shall rescue it from the garage and give it the place of honor it deserves.

Here is the very cool one I pinned onto my Toys board (

Marx dollhouse

According to Retro Renovation, where my pin came from, it is a rare 1962 version with a fallout bomb shelter. The article on Retro Renovation is pretty cool and includes more photos of the house and it’s bomb shelter. The photos came from an ebay listing. I wonder how much it ended up selling for. Check out my other blog post about another pin that came from Retro Renovation (

Marx toys were some of the most popular toys back in my day and are now some of the most collected vintage toys. Collectors Weekly has a great article about the company and its founder, Louis Marx. CW is a favorite site of mine. It’s a place for collectors of virtually anything and everything to gather together online and share photos and information. My name on there is Thrift Store Addict. I haven’t been active in quite a while but I still get email updates from Collectors Weekly on current ebay auctions that involve items of interest to me. Very cool site. Check it out.

Oh. And here’s a picture of my new Marx dollhouse, sitting patiently on a shelf in our garage.

My Marx dollhouse



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