1960’s Motorola Ad

I love architectural concept illustrations and I love science fiction, so artwork that combines the two is a super bonus. Here’s a picture I find totally engrossing that I pinned to my Illustrations and Art I Love board. https://www.pinterest.com/lissaemmett/illustrations-and-art-i-love/.

Motorola ad 1

Mid Century ad illustrations were often cutting edge. It was a time when technology was just taking off, science fiction was becoming popular with the masses and everyone was looking toward the future. This painting is a perfect example. I could stare at this picture for hours. Long minutes, at the very least. The color palette is warm and inviting, the art work detailed and realistic. The house and furnishings are classic Mid Century Modern sleek. I love the curving yellow couch and that simple low table the TV is on. Add in the fact that the house is underwater with a huge picture window so you can watch your kids swim by and you’ve got my dream house.

The picture took me to Design Faves and their article on an entire series of ads Motorola did during the 1960s that featured the art of Charles Schridde (https://www.designfaves.com/2013/11/futuristic-motorola-ads-groovy-60s). Design Faves has about 20 of the illustrations posted and I believe I pinned every one. They are amazing and stunning and awe-inspiring. I wish I could have every single home portrayed in these ads.

Design Faves is an interesting site, too. Its mission is “to unite the world’s absolute best design and visual culture under one roof.” Artists of virtually every discipline present their work and/or stories here. Poke around. There’s something for everybody. One of my favorites I found after just a couple of clicks is a series of photos of a 1400 year old tree in China: https://www.designfaves.com/2015/12/1400-year-old-chinese-tree-captured-in-photos. Beautiful.

Trying to find out more about the Motorola artist, Charles Schridde, took me to a site called Ultra Swank. In their own words, “Ultra Swank is a magazine styled blog that takes you back in time into the kitsch, chic, swank and camp living of the 1940s to the 1970s.” They don’t have as many Schridde images as Design Faves does, but they have some different ones: http://www.ultraswank.net/advertising/charles-schriddes-vision-of-the-future/. Ultra Swank is my kind of site, just brimming with things I love. I’ll have to devote an entire day just to look through all that they offer. Check out the feature on Mid Century Modern Hotels and Motels: http://www.ultraswank.net/architecture/stylish-mid-century-hotels-motels/. Too much good stuff!

Although the works of Charles Schridde can be found all over the internet, there isn’t a lot about the artist himself. Here’s a nice article on Mr Schridde that I found on another blog, The Arts–JustMeMike’s New Blog: https://jmmnewaov2.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/charles-schridde-an-artist-and-a-man-for-all-seasons/. Mr. Schridde’s car advertisements are pin worthy, too. What an incredible talent.



2 thoughts on “1960’s Motorola Ad

  1. Hi

    Thanks for posting a link to my article about Mr. Schridde.
    Artist with this much talent don’t come along all that often, so even though he’s now gone – if more people become aware of Mr. Schridde, it’s all good.



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