Another new board I have is Dinosaurs, Fossils, Etc ( Even though it is new, I already have over 200 pins on it. What can I say? I love dinosaurs. I love reptiles and rocks and fossils and the idea of things remaining almost unchanged for eons. Look at alligators and crocodiles. Except for being smaller, they are practically identical to the gators and crocs from before man existed. How perfect does something have to be to survive for that long, with only minor corrections? It seriously fills me with awe.

This digital portrait of Velociraptors is beyond amazing. It is so realistic. I collect View-Masters and would love to see this in 3D. Life sized. In my living room. Too cool.


The picture took me to and an artist named Soufiane Idrassi, a Digital Artist specializing in digital illustrations using Adobe Photoshop. (

First I poked around ArtStation. It calls itself The Home For Artists. It does seem to be mainly for digital arts but what a source for unique and creative designs. Fascinating.

Then I searched Idrassi. He doesn’t seem to have his own website but he’s on a lot of other sites like Behance and Deviantart, and he designs for Ubisoft (, a game designer with big titles like Assassin’s Creed. His work is beautiful. Check him out: and I’ll have to check my board out and see if I have any other pins of his. Or maybe I’ll just go to these sites and pin like crazy.


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