Wall of Shelves

Another newer board of mine is my Library Designs board (https://www.pinterest.com/lissaemmett/library-designs/). Matt and I bought a new house less than a year ago and although it’s fairly small, we want to turn one wall of the living room into a mini-library. My Library Design board is obviously inspiration for that.

This pin shows the basic design of what I would like–a wall of simple shelves with a large space in the middle for display. I wouldn’t want any kind of seating in front of the shelves but I do like the basic design of this.

Library design

It came from a site called One Kind Design (http://www.onekindesign.com/), which showcases inspiring design and architecture. The menu is varied, with choices for beach houses, Mid Century Modern, barn houses, etc. It has quite a few ads, which I find a little annoying, but it does have a lot to inspire a house dreamer like me. The article this photo came from showcased 50 different library designs. I imagine I have several photos pinned from this site.

Searching Google for the image took me to Thom Filicia’s site. Apparently this library design is one he did for a riverfront home. I love Thom Filicia. My daughter and I were big fans of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Thom was one of our favorites. His designs are so down to earth; not over the top like many designers who work with the rich and famous. Definitely take the time to browse through his website: http://www.thomfilicia.com/.

If we ever actually get our mini-library done, I will include a blog about it. Or maybe I could just hire Thom to design it for me. Yeah. Right.



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