Sophisticated Winter Outfit

My daughter, Tenaya, and I share a board on Pinterest titled Fashion. It is mostly a board to suggest wardrobe ideas for her. Tenaya is 22, extremely bright, talented, gorgeous, and athletic. She, like me, is exploring her future. Currently she works at a horse riding stable in Australia (, near Melbourne. She works very long hours and needs a limited wardrobe–clothing that holds up to manure shoveling and horse handling. Soon Tenaya will return to the United States and pursue a line of work that will allow her to have more normal hours, a social life and the need for a wider variety of fashion. She doesn’t know for sure what that will be yet, but she wants to be ready with some ideas when the next adventure is revealed.


This outfit is one that Tenaya pinned. It would look amazing on her and would be perfect if she decides to pursue her interest in marketing and events planning. It would also be great for a sophisticated night on the town. Love the vintage feel of it. I can picture stars of the 50’s wearing something like this out and about.

The photo led back to an online lifestyle trend magazine called Pouted: Their selection seems endless. The way the clothes and accessories are grouped together reminds me of Polyvore, a very fun site where you can create your own wardrobe:

If you would like to join me in following Tenaya’s adventures, check out her website: (Photo of Tenaya by Tim Lewis Photography



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