Mary Blair

When I was a child one of my all time favorite books was I Can Fly, illustrated by Mary Blair and written by Ruth Krauss. I adored that book because the girl was so much like me, full of imagination and make believe. I still have my copy from way, way back then. It’s packed away somewhere but once I find it, I will post a picture of its poor, dearly loved, quite disheveled self.

Mary Blair is a Disney legend, doing concept art for many of the classic Disney films and playing a major role in the design of It’s A Small World. Her style is endearing and her colors are vibrant. I love her work so much I recently created a board just for her ( This is a picture from that beloved book of mine, I Can Fly:

mary blair

The picture I pinned from Pinterest came from a wonderful Tumblr site called Mid Century Modern Graphic Design. I may have to spend an entire evening on that site, pinning all the incredible art.

If you want to find out more about Mary Blair, here are some good sites:

If you want to see her work in action, go to Disneyland and float through It’s A Small World. Mary’s magic can be seen everywhere in there.


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