1946 Hotpoint Kitchen

One thing that will be apparent rather quickly from looking at my boards and my blog is that I am in love with Mid Century Modern design and architecture. This kitchen, which is on my board titled Illustrations and Art I Love (https://www.pinterest.com/lissaemmett/illustrations-and-art-i-love/), is a 1946 Hotpoint ad. Originally I found the picture on a Tumblr site (http://postwarvintage.tumblr.com/post/7417461565/1946-kitchen) but it’s fairly typical for Tumblr sites to not have much information, other than the photo itself. I did a Google search on the picture and found this wonderful site: http://retrorenovation.com/retro-kitchen/. It not only identified where the illustration came from but opened up a whole ‘nother can of Mid Century Modern worms for me. I can spend hours on sites like Retro Renovation. But I wanted a larger version of the picture so I Googled again and found Cooking Without The Script, a fun blog using vintage and adapted recipes. http://cookingwithoutthescript.blogspot.com/ See how this whole thing keeps snowballing on me?

Next I wanted to locate the name of the artist who illustrated the ad and, although I haven’t found the name yet, I bet it’s somewhere in this blog: http://todaysinspiration.blogspot.com/. Today’s Inspiration is a who’s who of illustrators in the Mid-20th Century and is well worth browsing through. So much talent. So much Mid Century art.

I found all of these new sites to explore because of one little picture of a funky, vintage kitchen on Pinterest. This one:

Love this Kitchen



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