Weathered Pie Safe

One of my Pinterest boards is titled To Build With Matt. Matt is my pseudo-husband. We’ve been together for about 10 years but never made the Mr and Mrs thing official. Anyways, he’s very handy with tools and stuff, and we like to work on projects together on the weekend. That’s the plan although it often (usually) doesn’t happen.

This pin was one of my first for the To Build With Matt board. He would make it for me and I would paint and distress it. It hasn’t gotten made yet but I think it’s absolutely adorable and would look perfect with some of my more special dishes and knick knacks displayed in it. Besides, green is my absolute favorite color.

This is the site where my original pin came from: 1

She mentions WUSLU but their site no longer seems to be operating. The Miss Mustard Seed site, however, is going strong. Definitely check it out and be sure to read the About page. It tells the story of how the blog began and blossomed. The site is a great resource for home decor and DIY.

If you want to see the whole To Build With Matt board, go here:


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